Healing the Soul with Spirit Retreat lEVEL 2 – TAUPO

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Amazing opportunity to spend 6 full days of fun, laughter and learning with Sue.
Retreat dates are from the 14th March to 21st March 2019.

There are limited spaces as Sue likes to spend as much time as possible with you all. Sue will be there for each and every one of you. Also a great opportunity to make new friends and just be in and enjoy the moment.

All prices are per person and a $500 non refundable deposit is due per person.

– If you book and pay in full you will receive a free skype reading with Sue.

– You must have completed the level 1 retreat to attend or please contact Terrell at terrell@suenicholson.co.nz if you haven’t done Level 1 retreat but have a spiritual background.

Each person is given a gift pack. All accommodation, meals, and teachings are included. Airfares and travel expenses are not included.

Thursday 14th March: Arrival Day – Afternoon meet and greet followed by dinner. Get to know Sue and her team and all the special guests on this amazing journey with you.

Friday 15th march: Full day Workshop 9.00am – 4.30pm
Your journey of learning is about to begin starting with Aura Photos – Chakra System – opening the new chakras – pendulum & chakra balance – what does prayer mean – clearing negative energy – connecting to spirit – auras & energy – selenite crystal work – Journey to the other side

Saturday 16th March: Full day Workshop 9.00am – 4.30pm

Butterfly oracle Cards – Past lives – Card Spreads with butterfly & angel cards – calculating birth numbers – Meditation – Healing with Your Archangels – Healing Letter

Sunday 17th March: Full day Workshop 9.00am – 4.30pm

Psychometry with a difference – Readings – meditation with your guides – Automatic writing – Discovering YOU with a difference. 

Monday 18th March: Free Day – group excursion to be decided together as to what we want to do (optional) or just chill at the resort by the pool or even spoil yourself with a massage and some relaxing beauty treatment.

Tuesday 19th March: Full Day Workshop 9.00am – 4.30pm

Different card spreads – Astral Travel with your Angels – Photo Reading – What do you see when you look in a mirror – group readings – dowsing rods – water exercise – Akashic Records.

Wednesday 20th March:  Full Day Workshop 9.00am – 4.30pm

Aura Photos – Healing Day – Indian Head Massage Training – Question & Answer time
7.30pm Farewell Presentation Dinner – Surprise gift pack from Sue

Thursday 21st March: Farewell Breakfast – where we say goodbye to our new-found friends and wish everyone a safe journey and happy life.



hi, I recently attended sues retreat in Bali level 2.I was originally a bit nervous to travel to Bali alone, but after talking to my guides/angels about it, I was given a sign to go, a lovely white feather flew down in front of me and so I booked my trip!.when I arrived at Bali I was a bit overwhelmed as I am quite shy in group settings, and now I had 18 new people to get to know , which was a bit daunting for me, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and made an effort to get to know everyone, and wow, I now have so many new friends that are awesome!!. I learnt so much everyday from sues teaching, she is kind, and so giving of herself and her time, she packs so much learning into each day, we all got to try so many different things together and I have come away from bali with a new perspective on life, and my spiritual journey has grown and opened up. The people of bali were so friendly and nothing was too much trouble, the food was plentiful, I even got to ride an elephant in the water which was scary but I made myself do it! thank you Sue and Terrell for a life changing retreat, you are both truly special people, with lots of humour thrown in :). If you are thinking of doing a retreat, go for it!! as the song goes, Lifes what you make it…. celebrate it!!.

Hi, I recently attended the Bali retreat with Sue and Terrell. This was an amazing experience with two exceptional people, Sue an insightful incredible clairvoyant who has so many abilities in healing and with spirit & best of all her favourite thing is to teach people all this information. She is relaxed down to earth & has the most awesome humor you will be in Orr in her presence. With the backbone of Terrell who makes everything run like a well oiled machine Terrell is organised logical supportive a has a warmth and understanding unmatch by many she doesn’t get in your space but is able to help and assist people in so many ways – this duo team which works so effectively like some magic power put them together.

Great energy, awesome people & meeting like minded souls with everyone who attended a real chance in a life time to live, live & laugh as Sue will say ❤

Signing up for Sue’s retreat I wasn’t sure what was involved nor was I sure this was for me. I have never done anything like this before but I was searching for answers and some much needed healing. There was only one way to find out. 

I attended with a lot of questions I did not get direct answers to most but what sue did was provide me with a lot of tools to help me on my way . This has been a huge stepping stone. 

Sue is a born teacher , she comes across clear very easy to understand and never boring. I felt the topics she covered was of my level and not once did I feel out of place or out of my depth even though I was with some pretty amazing and gifted people. 

I am now using these tools on a daily basis and it has helped me in my everyday life both personally and professionally. 

Thank you Sue and Terrell for a memorable week filled with laughter, tears and a lot of fun. 

See you both at Level 2.

Sue Nicolson’s Bali Retreat Level 2

I became aware of the Bali retreat after Sue’s Whangarei show in May 2017 and spent the next three months finding a reason not to go.

I thought I had disposed of the flyer that I had been given, to my surprise it surfaced when I went looking for papers to do my G.S.T, the other occurrence was that friends of mine had liked Sue’s promotion of the retreat on Face book and their like kept re-appearing.

It took three months but I eventually bit the bullet and with a large amount of trepidation booked myself into the Level 2 retreat.

I was convinced that I wouldn’t know enough (who does) but it soon became apparent that we were a mixed bag of experience and aptitude Sue managed to make everyone comfortable no matter what their experience.

Whether it was being in a group of likeminded people, out of the country or just away from the pressures of life, I believe we all were able to develop and enhance new skills by being able to be our real selves.

At the time I wouldn’t have thought of the retreat as a healing experience, but if gaining confidence self-trust and self-respect isn’t a form of healing I don’t know what is.

Would I do it again absolutely yes, can you absorb all you learn at the time no, when the time is right what you have learnt will surface.

In the ten days since my return doors have opened, people from my past have re-appeared (the right people in the right place at the right time) opportunities have arisen and decisions are instinctive.

We have all had people who have taught us valuable lessons on our journey, Sue somehow manages to get you to trust your instincts and your gut, what a great start to an amazing journey.


Thank you Sue


In October 2017, I attended Sue Nicholson’s level two spiritual retreat in Bali.

This was absolutely fantastic.

Sue is a born teacher and leader. She set the tone from the get-go into what was a wonderful peaceful, nurturing and blissful retreat.  She was always ready to lead us further in all tasks she set us, offering encouragement or an insight we could build on.

Sue’s caring, non-judgemental, supportive and wonderful humour enabled us to relax, feel our uniqueness and expand on it.

I learned so much, especially about myself, giving me more confidence than I could have imagined. Spending six days with like-minded people was an awe-inspiring experience, both in and out of the classroom; complete indulgence!

Sue and her manager were always available to us, 24/7, also sharing their meals and social time with us. The caring, friendly and easy-going environment they created would be hard to beat – nothing was ever a problem.

For total spiritual emersion and personal growth, I absolutely recommend Sue Nicholson’s spiritual retreats, you will never regret it.

Thank you so much Sue and Terrell,